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i'm so happy you're here!

hi, i'm courtney, a central florida based wedding and elopement photographer who doesn't shy away from the abnormal. as an artist, i like to take a sincere and authentic approach to telling your story to the world, and as a hopeless romantic, i specialize in elopements and couples.

my goal as your photographer is to take the stress out of your experience by bringing a personable attitude and lightweight environment to every occasion while composing your true, unique story in two dimensions. 

orlando wedding photographer Courtney Sue Miller
downtown orlando wedding photorapher courtney sue miller

the experience

what's it like to have me as your photographer? well, for starters, you're not only hiring a photographer... you're hiring a best friend, planner, assistant, curator, hype-man, and consultant all in one. you don't just get great photos, you get an experience. we'll work as a creative team during your session so that you're as comfortable as you can be in front of the camera so that we can compose a three-dimensional story onto two dimensions.

i strive on authenticity and character in real life, so that is exactly what i want to get from you during our session. this will leave us both with a beautifully unique album of real memories that represent you!

feeling inspired? get in touch!


the vintage farms of ocala wedding photographer wedding party photos
More About Me

more about me

self-proclaimed minimalist, plant-mom, animal lover, crossfitter, volleyball star (at 5'1 - yeah right), recreational detective & graphic + web designer. 

i've been doing the photography thing for the better part of the past ten years, but have only started to specialize in intimate weddings & portraiture in the most recent three.  as an orlando-native, i don't stray away from the abnormal. i embrace it & i'm so happy you're here because that means you do too! whatever your story is, i’d love to help you share it!

be authentic, be unique, and most importantly, be you and show me what you got!

what makes you different - i'm dyingggg to know!

i'll go first - here's some fun facts about me:

hometown | orlando, fl


alma mater | UCF - go knights!


favorite movie | interstellar... but i'm not gonna lie, that new batman's got me feeling some type of way


favorite food | pasta or hotpot


favorite tv show | game of thrones

favorite music genre | bass edm + rock

favorite running tv show | survivor


fictional character persona | hermoine granger


hogwarts house | gryffindor


favorite vine | "look at all those chickenssss"


something i hate | CLUTTER + holiday cards

favorite passed-time | looking at houses i can't afford on zillow while "watching" HGTV

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